Apple Mobile Phones, iPad and Watch

Today we talk about Apple mobile phones, iPad and Apple watch too.

Apple launches its new Iphone every year in the first or second week of September. Along with Apple iPhone, Apple iPad is also introduced. This time, 5G version mobiles and Apple iPads will be kept cheaper. And in comparison, the Apple iPhone with 5G has been kept expensive.


Due to the international outbreak of the corona virus in 2020, the launch date of the new iPhone has been postponed by one month. So they launched in second week of October this time. The new Apple iPhone and the new Apple iPad will be introduced to consumers.


This time the four new models of Apple iPhone 12 has been introduced in two phases. This time as before, different models of iPhone introduced this year as well. The iPhone 12 Pro will also have Five G Internet support.


Although sources close to Apple Corps’ products the pre-order bookings for the iPhone 12 starts in on September 23, and they start the supplies in start before October 16.


The iPhone has always been popular because of its privacy and design. The iPhone has always been launched at a high price and the feature of the iPhone is that it does not forget its old phones so quickly whenever it brings a new update in its software. It offers the ability to run this update on many of its older models. However, Apple doesn’t offer much more technology in iPhone mobiles than Android mobiles, but Apple’s mobile phones keep getting the deadlines for a long time.


This is the reason why many people are still obsessed with iPhone 6. It is very popular because of its small slim body which is still liked by many people. Its models are also quite good. That iPhone 7 Plus is very popular because of its camera which is why it is still very popular among the people. The main feature of iPhone 7 Plus is that it has 2 main cameras which make it very good. In addition to specializing in portrait photography, the iPhone 7 Plus’ main camera is also found to be slow motion video. Many companies are still copying the iPhone 7 Plus’s look, and mobile phones with similar designs. Launching


Then comes the iPhone 8, in which the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were launched. This time too, the iPhone 8 Plus has received considerable attention, which has been the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 Plus is also very popular because of its camera, which is why it is still very popular among the people today. The main feature of the iPhone 8 Plus is that it has 2 main cameras with which it can take very good portrait pictures. In addition to the expertise of the iPhone 8 Plus main camera is also found to be an expert in making slow motion video, which is still quite expensive.


Since then, Apple has introduced the iPhone X, which is also a highly acclaimed phone with a smart body and great looks, which is why it still has a significant market share today. The camera of this mobile phone is so well equipped that if you take a picture with it, it looks as if you have taken a picture with a very expensive DSLR camera.


Apple also launches the watches for their customers the apple watches much cheaper than apple mobile phones they have a good look and the performance of these apple watches is good and comfortable to wear.


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