How to change or upload a blogger template

Blogging on Blogger is very easy, but in the previous post we showed you how to create your own blog for free in just a few minutes. How to change the template on Blogger or upload your template

We have created a blog or posted a great article, but if you don’t reach the logo, what do you pay? This also makes our blog template roll. Our blog template needs to be SEO friendly, so if someone searches on Google then our blog will come up in search.

Blogger has always had a template that is too old to use for free or we know that search engines are changing the way we search. We need a new SEO friendly template.The template should also be mobile friendly, which means your blog is also good on mobile.

Blogger Template: If you search on Google, you will find a template that you can use for your blog by selecting it according to your needs, we can upload it. Today we are going to show you how to upload a template to Blogger.

You can download Blogger Template from: Blogspot Blog SuperFast Loading AM TemplatesBlogger Free Template Download 6 Website250 +  Blogger SEO Friendly or Mobile Friendly Template List

Note: The file of the template is Bo One.Rhr May, so first you have to install the WinR software on the computer and fill out the file of the fur template.

Blogger Template Change Process

Watch the video – How to upload a template to Blogger or whether you want to upload a friendly or friendly theme or template to Blogger or not.

What to do after downloading the template for your blog – Process to change the Blogger template –

Step 1:

Login to

Step 2:

Go to your blog’s dashboard

Step 3:

Go to the Template section

Click on Backup / Restore button

Go to the blogger’s dashboard and press the upload button

Step 4:

Open a popup window

Click on the Suck File Upload button

Before uploading your template, click on Download full template or download your old template. If there is any problem in our new template, we can upload our old template.

Select your new Template from the computer by clicking on Choose File. The Blogger Template file is in .XML format. After selecting, click the Upload button. Watch the video – How to upload a Template to Blogger

Now that your new template has been uploaded, go back to your blog or view your blog in a new design. If you are having any problems, please let us know in the comments.

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