How to make a blogger template mobile friendly

How to make a blogger template mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly: Means a website that runs smoothly and easily on mobile. So is your website or blog mobile friendly and it is easy to use.

Learn how to make a blogger template mobile friendly

The biggest problem we have with bloggers is how to make our blogger mobile friendly. To make any Blogger blog mobile friendly, we need to make our blogger template mobile friendly. If you do not find your blogger template mobile friendly then this post will be very helpful for you because in this post I will show you a very simple way to make your template mobile friendly.

Any blog is very mobile friendly because more than 60% of our blog traffic is from mobile devices. If your blog is not mobile friendly, it means you will miss a lot of traffic to your blog The blog will not be opened easily on mobile so no visitor will show any interest in visiting your blog.

If your blog is mobile friendly then that’s fine too. I would like to ask all English bloggers to make their blogger template mobile friendly. If your blog is mobile friendly then it will really help you a lot.

How to find a blog mobile friend who is not

If you want to make sure that your blog is mobile friendly then Google has created a tool for you to check your blog. With Google’s tool, you can find out if your blog is mobile friendly. To check your blog using this tool, you have to type this in your browser and search.

By entering the full URL of your blog you can check if your blog is mobile friendly or not..Google check if your blog is mobile friendly

Whether it is friendly or not, or if it is not, then it is very important for you to be Mobile Friendly, because even before Google Search, the result is that it is mobile friendly or the visitor who is opening your blog on mobile is also Mobile Friendly. Having a blog is easy.

My suggestion is if your blog is not Mobile Friendly then you can upload this Mobile Friendly Template to your blog . You can get  template here

Blogger Free Template Download 6  Website

250+  Blogger SEO Friendly or Mobile Friendly Template List

How To Make Your Blogger Template Mobile Friendly

Mobile blogging is a very easy way to make your bloggers template and you can do it in a very easy way.. So let’s make our blogger template mobile friendly.

Step 2: First, log in to your Blogger account and go to Blogger’s Dashboard.

Step 2: Then go there and click on the Template tab.

Go to template settings to make the blogger template mobile friendly

Step 2: As soon as you click on the template, you will see version 2 there.

  • Desktop Version
  • Mobile verison

Step 4: If you have opened it for the first time, it will show mobile temple disabled in mobile version.

Step 5: First of all, enable the mobile version to make the blogger mobile friendly.

Set up a mobile template in Blogger

Step 6: When you enable the mobile template, you will be shown 2 options. Out of the 2 options, you have to click on the first option “Show mobile template on mobile devices”.

You can then select 9 different temples from there for your blog’s drop down menu.

Step 7: After selecting the temple for drop-down menu from your account, preview it and see if your blog is showing correctly and then click on “Save” button after everything is correct.

Congratulation! you has made your blogger blog temple mobile friendly.

#Note: If you do not like the default mobile temple and you want to show your desktop vision temple on your mobile device, you can save it by clicking “Custom” in “Choose mobile temple”. If you do this your desktop view or temple mobile device will show mobile friendly.

Here are some tips to help you make your blogger blog site mobile friendly. If you have not yet made your blog temple mobile friendly with this feature, make it quick and enjoy blogging. If you are having any problem in using this tutorial, please let us know by communicating your problem. We will try our best to solve problems.

Stay Happy & Happy Blogging

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