How to create a Google Analytics account for a blog

How to create a Google Analytics account for a blog

How to create an account on Google Analytics for a blog

If you have a blog or website, you should know all about your site, or you should know if there is any improvement in the site or not. Analytics can help.We already know how to digitize a site in Google Satellite Console, so that we can improve our site on Satellite.

If we do anything, we should know that we are doing it, if we can do it properly. So first let’s find out what Google Analytics is or what it needs.

How to create a Google Analytics account for a blog


What is Google Analytics?

What you can see in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Information English Video

Link to Google Analytics Account Building Blog

What is Google Analytics?

This is a Google service that allows us to track visitors to our site. We can find out what is the performance of our site or it has very important futures.

What you can see in Google Analytics

I’m sharing some futures –

Visitor is Live on our Site

Computer / Mobile / Tablet is running.

Where did it come from, Facebook or Twitter?

Do a search on the site

The total number of visitors to the site can be calculated by day / month / year time.


Average number of visitors to the site

Bounce rate kitna raha

New Visitor or Old Visitor Percent%

What country do you come from?

Which browser is running the site?

Which language does our visitor know?

In addition, we can find out more about Google Analytics.

Blogger has an option of Stats, we can also see how many visitors come or which page. But Google Analytics is needed to know the details or to watch live.

Now that you know what Google Analytics is, how important it is to know how to create an account on Analytics or how to add a blog.

Link to Google Analytics Account Building Blog

By the name Jessie, you know that this is a service from Google. If you have a Gmail ID, you need to login using it.

Step 1: Login to Blogger’s account. fir ek new tab me

Step 2: Go to Google Analytics site then click on Sign up Google Analytics Go to Google Analytics site then login with your Gmail account and now a new Page will open

To create an account on google analytics, add the tracking code to the blog, verify it, or finish the work.

Now if you are not logged in you will be able to login, if you are already logged in to Blogger then you will not need to login here double.

Step 3: Now a form will appear in front of us, we have to provide information about our site which we have to add.

Fill out the Analytics form and count your tracking Eid

Click on the Gate Tracking Eid button after putting all the smell as given in the image.


Step 4: Open a popup window

Click on Agree after reading the terms of Google Analytics

First select your Country. (Select India.)

Now read the terms of Google Analytics.

Lastly, click on I Accept.

Step 5: Now a page will open in front of you and it will have a tracking ID.

Step 6: Now go to Blogger.

Settings >> Others >> Go to Google Analyticsblogger settings and add the Google Analytics code. After entering your code in Blogger, click on Save setting

Here is a screen shot of me, you can see, who is showing it. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ………..

So for now, let us know in detail about the pure future or how we can improve our site.

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