Word Press SEO 10 common Mistakes

Word Press SEO 10 common Mistakes

Do you want to increase the visibility of your Word Press website in SERP? For better SEO results, you need to avoid common mistakes. If you are also running a word Press site and want more visibility and traffic in the SERPs, you need to avoid these Word Press SEO mistakes.

  1. Forget setting time zone

Whenever you schedule your post to be posted in the future, you have to select a time of day.

And in this case, if your time zone is not set correctly, then the time content you are planning to share will not be the type.

It affects your work views, shares everything, ultimately it hinders your organic engagement.

You can select your time zone by going to General in Settings.

You can select your time zone in the Time zone labeled section in the dropdown menu.

  1. Your Database Connection is not established

If you receive an error notification not establishing a database connection

If you have this condition then here are some possible solutions:

Call your word Press hosting provider: There may be something wrong with their end.

Open your wp-config.php file: you can do this with the help of file manager or file transfer protocol (FTP). If necessary, correct the file name database, host, username, and password

Check that you are not hacked: Despite the SEO-friendly nature of word Press, there is a lot of hacking in comparison to other sites. Contact your developer or security tool

By using this you can know if your site has been hacked or not. If your site has been hacked then change your login information immediately and restore your site immediately with the help of backup.

  1. Avoid Social Meta Data

If you are focused on SEO then social media is not something special in your mind. But don’t forget that this tool adds a logo to your site and increases your ranking by increasing your traffic.

Use the Yoast SEO tool to enable open graph Meta data for Facebook. To do this go to your SEO Yoast Plugin on social and slide Add Open graph Meta data from Disabled to Enabled.

  1. No XML stumps

An XML sitemap is a map of your site in XML format. If you haven’t submitted your sitemap yet, do it now.

You can easily create your sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin. For this you can follow the given post.

You can follow the Google Search Console guide to submit your Sitemap to Google Search Console.

  1. 500 Internal Server Error

If there is an internal server error on the white screen, it means that you are facing 500 internal service word Press error.

  1. Wrong Permalinks

SEO includes keywords but not all of them.

You can improve your ranking by increasing the click-through rate (CTR) by changing the permalinks of y.

Instead of manually changing each of your permalinks you can automate this in your settings.

  1. Don’t use footer space

To improve internal linking and get people to browse you for a longer period of time, you need to add a link in the footer of the home page of the page and other important landing pages.

When Google crawls websites it uses branded anchor text. This is why this strategy is very beneficial despite its simplistic nature.

  1. Irregular Content Rollout

The more content you publish, the more keywords you target and the higher your chances of ranking on search engine results pages.

It is also true that the more you post, the more quality traffic will come to your site.

  1. You have not set Google Analytics Destination Goals


The main goal of achieving maximum SEO in our site is conversion.

And that’s why we need to set up destination goals in Google Analytics.

You can use this tool to measure how much your organic traffic conversion changes.

Create a “thank you” or “congratulations” page for any conversions.

You can use this page to measure your conversions to see if you are reaching your conversion goals.

  1. Do not refresh your content

One of the most common Word Press errors that logs is that it does not refresh or update content.

If you do this, you can always make your content up to date and evergreen.

And if you don’t keep refreshing your content, you can lose valuable traffic very quickly.

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