How to optimize the news site

How to optimize the news site

If you are running a news website then your pass has a lot to optimize for this search engine. In this post we will discuss some of the topics for News Site Optimization that you should keep in mind to optimize your news website.

Some SEO rules like publishing great content and providing good user experience are universal which is essential for every type of website.

But we do not need to follow the exact same set of SEO guidelines for every website.

News Site Optimization focuses on a particular area compared to other types of sites.

Here are some of the best News Site Optimization practices to keep in mind when optimizing your site for search.

  1. Build Evergreen Content

The core business of a news website is to write about timely subjects.

Ninety-nine percent of the time when you write about timely subjects, your articles will naturally have a short lifespan.

Initially you will see a lot of traffic to your article, and over time as this article gets older your article starts to gain less and less traffic. The nature of the news article is such that it gains a lot of traffic at the beginning and its traffic decreases with time.

And this is why you have to look at your site and its charms, and for this you have to keep writing articles to maintain consistently high levels of traffic.

  1. Make sure your content is on Google News

Make sure your content is included in Google News.

Follow the content guidelines to fully comply with Google standards. Reputable news sources are already following the guidelines.

You can also check your site’s technical guidelines so that Google can crawl your site and find out which pages are news articles.

Once you have accepted your site, work to produce strong content.


Google News works on very basic SEO principles like organic search.


  1. Clean architecture should be controlled again

News Site Optimization poses a special SEO challenge because it is usually a large and constantly growing site.

This means that the architecture of your site is very important for your user’s site navigation and easy crawl of search engines.

Take a look at the tags and categories used on your site to find out what works for you.

Your site should have these tags and categories so that your users can easily find the topic they are looking for.

If your site has multiple tags that contain very few articles, you should combine them together so that you have more content on each page.

Another important aspect of site structure is depth. In simple words, how many clicks do you have to make to go to any page from your home page? It is ideal that you keep this number as high as possible.

Search engines use links to crawl your site from one page to another, so the less crawl your site is, the more crawlers have a chance to crawl your site.

Another way to improve your site architecture is to use pagination instead of “next” and “previous” buttons on each page. This makes it easy to jump directly from irrelevant pages to specific pages.

  1. Mobile Usability

Mobile usability is very important for any website nowadays, but it is even more important for a news site.

The majority of the population follows the news from their mobile phones.

At least your site is designed to be responsive design so that it fits any screen size of your user.

In addition, you should consider Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a publishing technology that eliminates formatting and loads pages quickly for mobile users.

But soon Google will remove the use of AMP in its Page Experience algorithm update

  1. Optimize for Crawl Speed

When it comes to News Site Optimization, the pages of your site need to be fast crawled and indexed on Google.

Fortunately, there are several SEO factors that can help you crawl speed, including site speed, hosting performance and XML sitemaps.

You cannot treat news sitemaps like any other sitemap. Here are some important Google guidelines.

You must first add 1,000 URLs or less to your sitemap. You can add your URLs by breaking them into multiple sitemaps. But be careful not to add more than 50,000 sitemaps to the index file.

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