Advantages and disadvantages of copying from another website

If you are a blogger then you must have heard the name of your copyrighted content. Many bloggers copy the content of other websites and put it on their websites. By looking at the title of the post, you can understand that the loss is sharp but what is the benefit of copying. So, I would like to say in a simple word that even 1% is not good in copying.

Note: The benefit of Sabdad is only added to the copy which has no relation to this post.

Copyrighted content has become a very hot topic in the blogging world. May I keep hearing something daily about copyright content? If you also copy content from another website and put it on your website, then you will feel very bad to hear this. You will feel bad that you are wasting your time blogging.

Because there is no future of copyrighted content. Copyrighted content only wastes your time and there is no benefit. There is no revenue from copyrighted content and no traffic to the website. Internet has become even more latest and smart than before, especially Google.

Bloggers who copy and publish content on their website. Google has launched Google Panda for them. Google Panda easily recognizes copyrighted content and reports it to Google. That’s why I will tell you that if you want to do something on the Internet, then stop copyrighting.

Do what you have to do. It is not necessary to make a website related to all blogging and there are many topics on which you can earn good money by doing websites. You are Bollywood, Sport, Health, Cooking, Education, Fitness, Travel, Motivation, Ets. You can also create your own blog on the topic.

Let us now know about the damage caused by copying content from other websites.

No future for copyrighted content:

If you copy the content and publish it a little by changing it too. Your content will be copyrighted and there will be no future for that content. Because Google has funded your content. And they will not rank your content on Google.

If you copy and publish the content for 2-3 months, Google Panda will soon launch your website. In addition, if you are doing AdSense on your website tab, your Google Adsense account will be blocked due to your copyrighted content.

And there’s also a lot of Nixon copyrighted content. I can say with full confidence that if you copy and publish the content then your website will never go for the long term. And your website will not have a good future. So stop copying content and do something good on the Internet.

DMCA can delete website due to copyrighted content

If you copy content from a big website, then the owner of that website can report against you DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). If you make a report on Danka, then it will take your website against the action very soon.

Website ranking will not improve on search engines

If you copy a popular post and publish it on your website, then you will not get any traffic from that post. If traffic does not come to your website, then your website ranking will not be improved.

Copyrighted content is an illegal work

I think you will know about Illigal work, Illigal means against the rule. Meaning you are working against the rule. If you are running your website against the rule, then the search engine will give you a negative mark. If you get a negative die then your website will never come on top of search engines.

What is the content of copyrighted content?

You will lose trust and respect from your visitors.
Your image on the Internet will be damaged.
Your website will face a Google penalty.
You will also lose your website ranking in the search engine.
You will not be able to earn anything from copied content. (Forget about Adsense.)
Your website will never be able to go for long term.
You will not have a good relationship with other bloggers.
There will be no one in your support and you have to work alone.


To become a successful blogger, you should work with your passion. If you write a quality and unique post, then your content will also be liked by your users. And in search engines too, that content will be fresh and it will not get a good rank.

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