Top 5 steps how to increase organic traffic to a blog

Top 5 steps how to increase organic traffic to a blog

Top 5 step in today’s post; we are going to know how I can get organic traffic to my blog.

Friends, some time ago, a very important role of Backlink was to get your Blog key to Google ranking. Today, the importance of Backlink has not diminished, but now you can improve your Google ranking by creating only high quality backlinks. The value of quality content or the on-page content of a website is even higher, or it may change from the point of view of SEO of blogs or websites in 2020, as we have seen in today’s post.

You may know that Google is constantly updating your user experience or trying to rank your blog or website on the first page of Google if you do it wrong. You may be at a disadvantage.

I would like to request you to link your blog to the first page of Google on your website without any problem. The website can be set up later


Step 1: Important SEO Tools or Plugins

Whenever you create a blog for the first time, you need to install 3 important SEO tools and plugins on your word press.

  • Google Search console

The Google search console allows you to submit your blog to Google’s list, which is why your blog starts showing up in Google search results. With the help of Google search console, you can also find out which keyword Google is ranking or tell you about your technical issues with Google search console.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics requires you to know everything about your blog, how much traffic your blog is getting from which platform and which pages are getting the most traffic.

  • Set Up Yoast SEO Plugin

All you have to do is install the Yoast SEO plugin on your blog to make on-page SEO better. The Yoast SEO plugin shows you how to do a perfect blog on page SEO or what you need to do.


Step  2: how to find the keywords your visitors are searching

The more important of first step in blog SEO is to find a keyword associated to your topic that your visitors are searching for on Google. Create question in your mind is how to find such keywords?

You may have noticed that whenever you do a search on Google’s search bar, Google first starts giving you some suggestions that are the same suggestions that people are searching on Google.


Step 3: Keyword Optimize Content

The 3rd tip is to find your keyword and now you have to improve that keyword correctly in your article.

Step 4: Find and Fix Technical SEO Problem

If you go to the Google search console and look at the ranking factor of your website, you will see some technical issues that may affect your Google ranking.

  • Optimize your blog or website mobile friendly

The value of mobiles has increased a lot these days or if your blog or website is not open from mobile then your ranking in Google may be lower so make your blog mobile friendly.

  • Improve your blog or website loading speed

How much time you spend opening a blog or website is also a very important factor in Google ranking so that you can speed up the loading speed of your blog or website.

You can always use photo in your article to compress the image. Don’t use too many plugins or delete extra files. Do not use more images or videos on your website or blog.

You can find many free tools on Google that tell you how to check your blogger’s ranking

Step 5: Create high-quality content

In the world of internet, there is a king whose content is super, so there is no such thing as “content is king”.

High Quality Content means that whenever a visitor writes a query related to your topic and accesses your article, it is very difficult to read the article. This may or may not lower your bounce rate, which will help your Google ranking a lot.


In 2020, you can use relay videos and images from your article, which will help you improve your Google ranking.

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