Blogger Security Tips | How To Avoid Hacking Your Blog

Blogger Security Tips | How To Avoid Hacking Your Blog

Hello Friends, if you are my regular visitor, you will know how many posts I have posted on Blogger that you can see on Blogger. He made it clear that if he found any flaws in any of Google’s products, he would be paid 100 to $ 20,000. Can’t deny that nothing on the Internet is secure, even Bank sites .. 1000ro sites are hacked every day .. so we have to keep our word as much as possible.

Here are some tips to help you get rid of hackers.

Tips to improve the security of Blogger Blog, avoid hacking

Blogger Blog has just added a Future where we can enable HTTPS for our blog. No one can change the data of our blog or what we have shared will be visible to our visitors. If you use the Blogspot extension or have not yet enabled HTTPS, you should do so now. Click here to know how to enable HTTPS.

How to install SSL in Blogger

How to save Blogger Blog from being hacked

Blog email not telling anyone:

Step 2: Enable Verification of Your Account

Make someone or admin:

Do not use Crack Template:

Widget use:

Logout  Account:

Check for viruses on your site:


How to avoid being hacked Blogger blog

As I mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to hack a blogger, but here are some tips that can help you improve the security of your blog. If someone’s blog is hacked, it is their fault.

Blog emails don’t flow to anyone:

Blog email not telling anyone:

You have a Google Gmail ID that you have created for your blog.

The log from Bhut makes the mistake of saying that the email ID from which the blog is created is used to tell everyone that if someone hacks your Gmail ID, he will become the owner of your blog. Blog also hacked.

If the email ID address is not separated from the blog name, it does not matter. Create a separate email ID to contact your visitor or use it in the blog. Give your visitor an email id to contact you. Enter the same Email ID on the Contact Us page.

Enable step-by-step references for your account:

We can enable 2 step verification in the Google account. After entering this password, we can also enter OTP on our mobile, which doubles the security of our account. Even if someone gets your Email ID or Password, they can’t open the account because they need the code that comes to our mobile. Here are 2 steps to turn on Vitrification. Go to Google’s site.

Don’t make anyone an admin:

We can add more than one logo to our Blogger Blog which can manage our blog, post, or do anything else .. so if you just want to add someone for a post then just post to  Author add Kare ..Admin is the only one who can trust you to be the owner of the admin. Don’t tell the password to anyone: At this point, you can think of what this tip is, we will tell your password to someone .. but if you tell a friend of an email, you may need to change the password after that. . Click here to change your Gmail password

 Do not use Crack Template:

This error is almost exclusive to New Blogger, I also know .. A template that is found in Paise is being downloaded by cracking the same template on another site or by cracking it on another site .. or we have cracked the template in our blog. I am very happy to see that I have got this money for free but the reality is different.

Do you think that the one who is getting the money in the money will give it to someone for free, what will he get from it? He will also have some benefit when he will do it .. or he will add some virus file in the crack template. This means that anyone who comes to our blog gets an automatic virus download in their browser or passes a free template.

Simply put, you just want to download the template from a reported site or not use a crack at all. If you like a template, buy it and invest in your site or earn money from that site.

Widget use:

You know how to design a blog by adding a widget to Blogger. But if you add a widget from a fake site, you may want to add a mistake to it.

If there are any problems with the site, check it out immediately or remove it from the widget. You can see the widget I shared here.

Logout  Account:

I would like to change this point a little bit, if you want to login to another computer that is also used by another log, then logout is required. This is my personal experience. Before, when I didn’t have a pass computer, I used to run my blog from the net cafe, every day I used to keep a computer book at that cafe .. but once I found something that kept me busy. , He had Key Logger installed on his computer which saves whatever we type. He didn’t do me any harm, but if he could do anything, he would still be happy.

Check for viruses on your site:

If you have already added something to your site, you may have mistakenly added something that is not suitable for our blog or our visitors, so you can use this site for them.

Check your site by entering your site address on this site, or if there is a problem, fix it as soon as possible. This may block our site from Google.

HTTPS On  Blogspot

It is also important to turn on HTTPS, which helps establish a secure connection between the visitor or the website server or any data transfer that takes place in an encrypted form. Google has recently announced that if a website does not have HTTPS on it, it will be shown in the search results. There is also a warning of Website Not Secure .. so you have to turn on HTTPS now if you haven’tHTTPS is also called SSL certificate, which you can turn on for free in Blogger by going to Settings. Here’s how to turn on HTTPS in Blogger.

Last: This is how you can secure your blogger’s blog or if you have a pass or a tip that we can improve the security of your blog, you must share it with me. Or you need to comment on this information. If your blog is on WordPress, then how to secure the WordPress site, you must read it, which has explained all the points .. which site can be hacked.

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