How to Make a WordPress Website in 2021

How to Make a WordPress Website in 2021

To make a WordPress website all you need is a domain name and a web hosting service. In most cases, you can find them both in the same place. To choose a domain name you can also use the help of online domain name generators.

After you have found a good domain name for your brand the next step is choosing a good web hosting company where to host your site files and to install WordPress and to create the framework where will you do all the work on your site.

Since WordPress is free to use, modify, and share. You can install it for free by simply downloading it from Which is a large community of web developers, designers helping the people with everything that is WordPress regarded.

In order to install the WordPress file you downloaded to your current hosting account you will need an FTP client application that will allow you to upload files directly to your site root directory. With your FTP client you can create a new database, next upload your WordPress, and then install it.

After this, you can use one of the pre-installed themes that come with WordPress or find a new one. We would recommend searching for a theme that will well represent your website vision, it’s SEO-Friendly and is responsive across other devices.


Most of the hosting providers have a one-click installation option in the account panel. This auto-installer will do the installation and will set it up for you. After this, you can manage your WordPress site through your admin dashboard, which will allow you to customize all posts, pages, plugins, and more.

WordPress provides a large library of themes, many of which can be accessed for free. If you want to search for a new theme simply go to Appearance > Theme and here use the search bar to find your theme and install it with one click and then activate it. The theme is responsible for your site appearance, so make sure you edit the colors, site title, widgets, layout, typography, and more. Thanks to the plugins you can increase the functionality of your site and visitor’s experience. The WordPress plugins library is also very large and many of these can be accessed directly from your dashboard.


After you have finished with the customization the next thing to do is to provide some content for your site. You can either write the content yourself or find a professional freelancer to do it for you. WordPress is text-based but you can also insert images and videos into your posts and pages.

Growing a WordPress website has no limitation, and it all depends on your dedication. There is no limit on posts or pages, there are thousands of themes, and hundreds of plugins to help your imagination take form. You can change the customization and the functionality of your website at any time in order to stay up to the trends and its goal. To make a WordPress website from scratch isn’t that difficult and no coding skills are required, it all depends on your work and dedication.

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

[…] Read also: How to Make a WordPress Website in 2021 […]

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