How to Choose a Good WordPress Theme in 2021

How to Choose a Good WordPress Theme in 2021

WordPress is the biggest platform used for building websites with more than 75 million users worldwide. Even though all the websites are built from the same core code, they might not have anything in common.

And this thanks to the large variety of WordPress themes which has full control of the appearance of the site.

In other words, your theme is representative of your brand. So it’s crucial to choose a theme the would reflect your website ideas and goals. To, start with you can choose even a free theme, which some of these are really good and have even customer support.

But even here the choice isn’t easy. Because there are thousands of free themes on the web, and this might turn into a real challenge.

A WordPress theme is made from three parts: the core code, the theme, and the plugins. If you decide to go for a good free WordPress theme it should be enough to create a good website with all the basic features.


The theme is responsible for all customization options and the plugins control the site appearance and specialized functions. The personalized combination of these different elements makes your website unique.


Since every WordPress site needs a theme to work properly, these are essentials. The theme customization usually provides a large variety of options to let you build it accounting for your brand.

Also, there are some themes that will give you specific customization options according to your niches, such as fitness, travel, photography, and more.

Themes usually can be installed with one click from your admin dashboard or can be uploaded manually. From your dashboard, you can access a large library of free and premium themes, customizing your search by name, or other specific features.

To install a theme directly from your admin dashboard, go to the Theme Directory, just select the theme, and click Install. After the theme has been installed activate the theme by clicking Activate.


The same things are for the themes downloaded elsewhere, after you upload the theme to your dashboard follow the same instructions.

Choosing a good and free WordPress theme for your site depends on your website vision your developing knowledge and your previous experiences with building websites. It’s important to have a clear idea of all the features that your site will need.

It would be recommendable to choose a theme that has some pre-made templates built in it, it’s SEO-Friendly and responsive to other devices.

Some of the most popular WordPress Premium themes offer a smaller free version of themselves. You can try one of these free options and upgrade to another time if you think you need even the extra features.

Another thing that is recommendable to take into consideration when choosing a theme is to support the most popular plugins. Sooner or later you are going to need some of these.

Many themes come with some pre-installed plugins. Make sure that your theme is compatible with the most used plugins for security psychology Articles, or content management.


Testing your site for responsiveness

The simplest way to test whether a theme is responsive or not is to resize your browser window. As you change its size, the theme layout should automatically adjust to fit each screen width.

You can take this a step further by copying the URL of the theme’s demo page and pasting it in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.


Adding AMP to your website

If you’re looking to take your site’s mobile-friendliness to the next level, you may want to consider adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your site.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative supported by both Google and Twitter. It relies on bare HTML and limited Javascript. All AMP content is hosted on Google’s AMP cache, then served to your visitors instantly when they click on your result in search engine results.


Checking for browser compatibility

Your site visitors will use different browsers, so it’s important that your website looks and functions properly on all of them, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer


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