Apple Watch Series 6 Review

Apple Watch Series 6 Review

When we have it, the new Apple Watch Series 6 is directly on the market ranging from £ 379 / $ 399 to £ 1449 / $ 1499. Apple Watch has improved a lot so far, but is it still the best?



First of all, the design looks similar to the Apple Watch Series 6. With the same case size 40mm and 44mm, it wouldn’t look any different to an all-time Apple Watch user.

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, the Apple Watch Series 3 has 38mm and 40mm options.



The exception, however, is the color range. Apple has put on a variety of Apple-based rings, from pastel light to dark.

It also has a wide selection of watch strings, such as silicon braid, leather connector, fluoroelastomer loop, and nylon weave. Best of all, Fitness tracker case options include gold, blue, silver, space gray, and red aluminum; gold, silver, graphite, and a place of stainless steel and titanium and a place of black titanium.


In addition, Apple does not fail to embrace the high-end market, which works with Apple Watch Nike and Apple Watch Hermes.


New Features: Family, Strength, Health

More honestly, what about the amazing family-friendly setting up work of the latest watchOS 7? Apple has announced that the Family Setup app allows users to register their Apple Watch with a second phone number other than the iPhone as a means of communication, promoting close health and safety monitoring for young and old users and control restrictions.


In a way, it works like a child’s device and an emergency device. Whether it is good behavior or not, it helps to save lives. That means, Family Setup only works with certain phone operators.

For example, if you are in the UK, only Truphone and EE support such services, which may mean additional subscriptions for efficient use of Watch.


Another new app – Eligibility + – could be a unique sales platform for regular subscriptions. At $ 9.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year, Apple offers a fitness app with a professional fitness catalog that transfers data directly from the Apple Watch to your connected device during exercise.

Synchronized connectivity displays data on a connected device so users can maintain micromovements up and down the clock monitor during operation.


Apple also prides itself on its oxygen measurement (SpO2) app, an oximeter that uses infrared light from its sensor to detect the percentage of oxygen in the blood. By illuminating the light from the blood vessels in your arm, the app detects the color of your blood to determine your oxygen levels.


In practical terms, a mature adult at sea level would have no problem with oxygen levels. But it can be helpful if you have a low-grade sleep disorder or are suffering from a high-risk illness.


Battery life

What worries me most about this product, however, is its short battery life. Imagine using your watch all day at work, enjoying its retina display, cellular communications, and GPS notifications, and notifications, naturally you may want to turn off your watch and rest for a while.

Except when the sleep tracking function starts working in the back overnight. That’s 24 hours without resting on your watch and wrist – and 18 hours is not enough.


If you fall asleep with less than 15% of battery life, that could lead to poor sleep tracking because it won’t last all night. In addition, the consistent use of sleep tracking will eliminate rapidly regenerating cells.


The Decision

So far, Watch Series 6 has been great. But while these apps sound very useful and personal to me, I struggle to determine the price of this Apple product.

Family Setting was available from Apple Watch Series 4 onwards, and Fitness + from Apple Series 3.

The ECG app, meanwhile, is available for Apple Watch Series 4 onwards (with the exception of Apple Watch SE) Feature Articles, and the Sleep App is available for Apple Series 3 and up.

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