Blogger vs WordPress | Best Blogging Platform

Blogger vs WordPress | Best Blogging Platform

Blogger vs WordPress | Best Blogging Platform in Hindi

If you want to create and build your blog website, then maybe you are confused to make your own blog and not sticking to the plus then I will tell you from my experience which is the best and therefore you can easily decide Which will be right for you or will WordPress RSS build your blog/website.

The first cushion is why you want to create a website, have the talent to share it with the world or anything.
I will follow everything and tell you who was the right platform so that you can choose according to your need and situation.

who is the best blogger or WordPress

# 1: How to easily use Blogger and WordPress

If you are new and you have less technical knowledge then this will not be a problem as you do not need to do any more technical work in it. It’s just a little bit.

To make WordPress standby you need to have some technical knowledge because in this we have to call WordPress in the hostel as well as some technical terms and if you search about it then you will also find their tutorials.

Simply put, you will not have any errors in creating a blog in Blogger. And as you create a normal Facebook account, you can create your own blog on Blogger, but this process is difficult in WordPress.


#2: Price – WordPress VS Blogger

Bloggers are absolutely free and do not give us a penny. This means that we can create our own support block at no cost
There is also open-source software. To create a blog on WordPress, you have to buy hosting that costs money.

Yes, how much does it cost in world records and where is the complete information about it?


# 3: Which feature is more in Blogger or WordPress

If you have an article on people, how much work can you do comfortably? If you need more features, they will give you more features.
You get them in WordPress and can only stand out with the features that Blogger has, but cannot make any new friends by themselves.

In WordPress, we can increase features by installing plugins


#4: Which is SEO Friendly Blogger or WordPress

When it comes to SEO i.e. search engine optimization, both are the same. Because the post needs to be searched

  • Description in post
  • Paramount
  • Quality baking

All these things happen in both and there is no difference. So it would be wrong to say that one is better SEO friendly and the other is not
But in WordPress, as I mentioned, we can add additional features to it, so one of them is the Yoast blog, which allows us to set up a keyboard and write a post from which we can know automatically. What is the density of our keywords in the post we are targeting?

So if it is called a sample, there is no difference between the two, but we can use Bulgan in WordPress to price IO.


#5: Which is More Secure Blogger or WordPress

When it comes to security, there is no website in the whole world, so there is no website, even government sites have been hacked. Protect your side from hacking

To create a blog on Blogger, all you have to do is log in with our Gmail ID, then we can create one, but the press says that we have to do a lot of configuration and if something goes wrong with us. Hacking our site becomes easy

This means that it is the most confusing time of the year as well as the most illusory.


# 6: Who can become a high-quality website on Blogger or WordPress

Designing a common website app is easy on both. No, if you want a website that has lots of features, then you have to make a bad choice. At Blogger, we can’t do much extra.

For design in Blogger, we can also upload good templates in it



As you can see, the two are almost identical, some good and some bad. You already know how to create your own site
I mean if you are new then you should make your blog on Blogger because it is easy and fraudulent and then it is not that if you have created a blog on Blogger then you cannot transfer it to WordPress.


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